Monday, February 20, 2012

Top Auto Websites in Malaysia!

Are you in the market for a new ride? Or perhaps you're just a car enthusiast who gets a kick out of browsing the latest car listings. Either way, it wouldn't hurt for you to check out CarSifu, Malaysia's leading car classifieds website!

The first thing you'd notice is the really nice, easy to navigate layout with a simple directory. Start browsing through their collection of over 3000 ads by clicking on one of the brand options on the front page. From Audis and BMWs to Suzukis and Toyotas, CarSifu pretty much has you covered.

As for the listings, you're provided with a few photographs of the car, some detailed descriptions, the year, location and price. All you have to do is fill in your details and the seller will be in touch with you in no time! A great added feature is that beside each listing is a count of how many views the ad has had, it's really useful when trying to figure out how many other people are interested in a car you'd like to purchase.

One thing I didn't like so much? The pictures. After scrolling through a couple of ads, it's pretty clear that some of these pictures are simply taken off google search. Not a great source of information when you'd actually like an idea of the condition of the car before wasting your time on a test-drive meeting. Be careful when scrolling through the ads. If an ad provides you with only search-engine pictures, it might still be a good idea to fill in your details so that the seller could contact you. Just ask them to email you some pictures beforehand!

Not looking to buy a car but have one to sell instead? CarSifu allows you to become a member and post ads completely free! Who could say no to free advertising, am I right?

Aside from CarSifu, you might also want to check out websites such as Autoworld and Carlist. The layouts of these websites are a little different. Autoworld has an array of listings right on the front page, along with links to forums, news articles and automotive job listings. Perhaps it would be a little harder to navigate but it certainly has a lot more information for car enthusiasts.

As for Carlist, I'd say it provides both easy navigation and a lot of information. The car brands are listed right on the front page as well as "Popular Searches by Make", "Popular Searches by Location", "Latest Car Requests" and many more.

Hope these website links and reviews have been useful, feel free to click away!

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